The dreaded, misunderstood, elephant in the room.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In layman terms, it means the way your customers or clients can find you on the internet. Without it, you have a website just floating around online. SEO is a set of tasks that your or your web guru performs to make you more visible.

At Customized Web Development, we utilize many of these ways to try and create the most enhanced form of SEO.

A website is crucial. We use keywords on pages and blog posts like this one to reach a broad scope of your potential clients. We backlink your website with credible sources from other places on the internet. Our team creates unique content to get you noticed. We help encourage you to get reviews from your clients to boost your rankings.

Another way we approach SEO is to analyze your data monthly to know which areas we are excelling in and which areas we need to work on for your business.

We know, this may be a lot to take in. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

We can help with all of this. Our guided approach to SEO is unique and tested.

Whether your company is just starting out and a one person operation or a multi billion dollar operation, our team is equiped to handle it. We offer competitive rates and first class solutions to all projects. Our time frame and scope cannot be beat!

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